• Fantasia Adulto Angry Birds Ice Bomb
Calças não incluído   Can't stop playing Angry Birds? Find yourself playing under your desk at work? If so, you're obviously a fan and therefore should check out the Adult Angry Birds' Blue Bird Costume. This costume features a one piece over the head tunic with the character face on front. The tunic is blue and has holes for your arms and face. This is an officially licensed Angry Birds' Costume. Because the costume is just a tunic, it is very easy to wear. Throw it on after work over your own clothes and you'll be ready to take the kids trick or treating or for that adult Halloween party in a flash. The Blue Bird has been known to have a short temper so you better not upset it and order this costume today!

Itens inclusos: Um macacão peça.
Itens não inclusos:
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Fantasia Adulto Angry Birds Ice Bomb

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